According to the terms of the service, we guarantee the availability of coins on the balance of one of the parties and their blocking in escrow at the time of the trade.

When the creator of the ad confirms participation in the trade, the coins in the account of the seller are automatically blocked in escrow until the trade is canceled or the coins are sent. Only the buyer can cancel the deal. The buyer has 30 minutes to send funds to the specified details and confirm the payment in the service. If the payment is not confirmed within 30 minutes, the trade will be automatically canceled. The trade is considered completed only after the seller releases the coins from the escrow in favor of the buyer of the cryptocurrency.

If the seller doesn’t release the coins after confirmation of payment by the buyer, the buyer has the opportunity to open a dispute after 40 minutes from the beginning of the trade. In case of a dispute, you need to describe the whole situation on your part by attaching receipts, screenshots. If, within 2 hours after confirmation of payment by the buyer, the seller didn’t confirm the actual receipt of funds to the account and the buyer didn’t open a dispute, the trade is automatically canceled and the coins are unlocked.

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