1. Hide the phone number associated with your Telegram account from unauthorized persons.

2. Set two-factor authentication for your Telegram account.

3. Do not indicate the phone number associated with your Telegram account in the details.

4. When registering in the web version, do not use the login/password that is already used in other services.

5. Do not conduct transactions outside the bot, through gifts, replenishment of external wallets.

6. Carefully consider the application before accepting the transaction.

7. If you responded to the ad, make sure that the other party has accepted the trade before submitting the funds.

8. Do not release coins until the actual receipt of funds to the account.

9. Check in advance the buyer and the legality of the money transferred to you:

  • ask for a comment on the payment, for example: “Return of debt” or “Transfer your username in the service for BTC 1000 USD.”;
  • request a photo of the card against the background of the transaction or the card against the background of the leaflet with the inscription “I buy cryptocurrency from your username in the service”.

10. Do not install software or accept files from unverified sources.

11. Do not provide your phone number, verification codes and passwords to third parties.

12. Do not comply with the requirements of scammers posing as support agents.

13. Transfer funds only using the banking system specified in the ad. Transfer of funds from other payment systems may lead to the cancellation of the trade. Interbank transfers are available on message boards: “Card to card”, “MASTERCARD”, “VISA” and so on.

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